The odds are not in the Jaguars’ favor in Week 12 against the Texans.

The Houston Texans have lost eight straight games after starting the season 2-0, while the Jacksonville Jaguars are a lowly 1-9 on the year. Houston is coming off a loss to an Oakland Raiders team with an undrafted free agent at quarterback. Jacksonville also continued to play poorly, losing to the Arizona Cardinals at home in Week 11. Despite their similarly shoddy records, the folks in Vegas are favoring the Texans heavily at home.

Houston is a 10-point favorite against the Jaguars, according to OddsShark. The over/under is 43 for the Week 12 matchup. The Texans and the Jaguars are among the league’s bottom-dwellers, so an average of 21.5 points for each team might be a bit generous. Jacksonville has struggled to score points, while Houston’s had trouble staying consistent on both sides of the ball.

But with experience playing DB in college and so much time as a WR coach, Babers brings a WR’s sensibility to teaching the system he took from Baylor. Despite his background, he’ll tell you the QB is still the most important part.

When a quarterback throws a receiver a ball, a receiver should be able to throw that same ball back to that quarterback, Babers said. And that is what’s been missing. What that means is that you and I have played catch so much that you’re the pitcher and I’m the catcher. You throw me a ball, I throw you a ball, you throw me a ball, I throw you a ball. We take our mitts off, and you’d have to say, ‘Which one’s the catcher, and which one’s the pitcher?’ because we’ve exercised that skill so many times.

He calls plays without a sheet, takes calculated risks on fourth downs, and recalls the little things, like the fact that his quarterback got hurt on play No. 14 of the Clemson game. I checked, and he’s right, if you don’t count punts as offensive plays, which many coaches don’t.