Jim Boeheim took a shot at Greensboro and the city answered with a haymaker

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim didn’t mince his words when asked whether the ACC Tournament should return to its original home on a regular basis.

Greensboro, N.C., has hosted the ACC Tournament 28 times since 1967, and the tradition became a staple of city. Since 2015 the tournament has traveled to other cities close to ACC schools, and won’t return to Greensboro until 2020.

The hijab, made of lightweight polyester, was designed alongside hijab-wearing athletes who have found traditional hijabs difficult to compete in. Zahra Lari, a figure skater from the United Arab Emirites, worked alongside Nike on the design and is extremely happy with the end result, according to a statement to CNN.

“There are a lot of … women and girls who are breaking barriers. For me growing up, though, I never had these women to look up to. I had to break these barriers for myself.”

This isn’t the world’s first sports hijab to enter the apparel market, but it’s the first from Nike — and that’s important. An American company of Nike’s stature in the marketplace tends to be a trendsetter, and when they make strides towards inclusiveness it reverberates through the industry.

Still, the combination of entrenched play-makers and athletic newcomers is exciting. Wilson added two three-star linemen, a three-star linebacker, a three-star JUCO corner (Jay Jay Smith), and four three-star freshmen in the secondary. If competition breeds improvement, the Roadrunners should have a lot, especially in the back, where they need it the most.

And in linebackers Josiah Tauaefa and La’Kel Bass, they have a couple of havoc guys in the middle. Tauaefa had nine tackles for loss and six sacks as a freshman last year.5