Brock Osweiler says ‘film for the past 2 years’ proves he’s a starting QB and, uh, OK Brock

Brock Osweiler’s 2016 was so bad the Houston Texans gave up a second-round draft pick just to get out from under his contract. They were eager to jettison the young passer despite having only Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden at quarterback behind him.

Yet even with a dire history as an NFL passer, Osweiler still believes he’s in line to start for the Cleveland Browns this fall.

The Browns’ offseason salary dump acquisition told reporters he’s “absolutely” a starting-caliber quarterback Wednesday, just months after his 72.2 passer rating ranked him second-to-last among NFL QBs. When WKRK The Fan’s Daryl Ruiter pressed him on the issue, he pointed to his underwhelming resume as proof.

Ruiter: “Are you good enough to be a starting quarterback in this league?”

“Von be everywhere, man, but I’m going to try and get somewhere with him this summer, for sure,” said Beasley. “I’ll probably go to him, to be honest.

“Oh, it will help me out a lot. The attention that Von gets year in and year out is unbelievable. They respect him as a pass-rusher, and I’m headed in that direction. So I can learn a lot from him in that case.”

It’s not just a personality fit for Kaepernick in Bennett’s eyes. He also feels that the skills Kaepernick brings on the field are a good match for the Seahawks, who have an offense that favors the run.yankees_1179_40942faa042d5251-180x180

NFL Draft 2017: DeShone Kizer: Worth the wait to land with Browns

DeShone Kizer was thrilled to see his patience rewarded after he was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Browns.

The Notre Dame quarterback was left to wait in the green room during Thursday’s first round as he was the only one of the consensus top-four passers not to be taken.

He did not attend day two of the draft in Philadelphia, but saw his slide ended at pick No. 52 by a team close to home.

“Is it helping players in terms of their accountability? And, obviously, addiction is a sickness and you want to make sure — obviously, there’s accountability but it’s also a program that helps players get better. I think personally, I know Jerry and I think that it might could be done better and we just need to take a look at it. Like I said, it’s been the same program that’s been in place for many, many years and I think all things to do with the NFL, we should all want the very best for our players. We should want the very best for our organizations and we should want the very best for our fans, and that’s anything that has to do with the NFL.

“In my opinion, we should take a long hard look at how we’re doing this and see if there’s a way, a better way to do it. What that is, I don’t have the answer. But we have a lot of smart people that can get in there and analyze something and really make some good decisions and see if there need to be changes.”

The Cowboys have seen several players — most notably Randy Gregory, multiple times — test positive under the current substance-abuse policy.

Jones added that that changes in the way marijuana is viewed — by society and, in several states, by the law — is part of the context of any re-examination of the policy, including testing and types of discipline, while also keeping a primary goal of helping players “who have sicknesses and addictions.”

Did the Spurs let Harden or shooters beat them?

On the offensive end David Lee carved up Houston’s second unit. He plays the style of bully-ball that only Nene can really match up with. But with Gasol in the game as well, Nene was drawing that assignment, leaving Lee to bully Dekker, Anderson or even Ariza.

Also, Pau Gasol is suddenly a legitimate three point shooter so the Spurs don’t even mess with their spacing by playing him and Aldridge at the same time.

The challenge for Houston will be keeping two Spurs big men from controlling the game when James Harden is on the bench to torment then or when Nene is on the bench.

Did the Spurs let Harden or shooters beat them?

In games one, two and four the Spurs let Harden beat them, but not with a flurry of points. He was a better passer and assist man in several of these games and could have had 20 assists in game two if any Rockets shooters hit shots in the first half.

Harden’s three point shot wasn’t present for each of these games, but he played the role of puppet master so well. Driving to the basket and finding pocket passes, lobs and cross court flings.

Eric Gordon burned the Spurs in game two. He led the Rockets in scoring and shot 7 – 12 from three. He was the one Rocket finding and capitalizing off of open threes.

Ferguson committed to play for Sean Miller at Arizona before opting to turn pro in Australia. He put up an underwhelming statistical year in the NBL, but he has the tools to be drafted in the top 20. The 6’7 wing is an explosive athlete who can stroke three-pointers. His ultimate success in the league will be determined by his defense.

nike_chargers_507s — Justin Jackson, SF, North Carolina
The Bulls have a type in the draft. They prefer college veterans to one-and-dones. They value winning pedigrees. The same formula that led Chicago to Denzel Valentine last year could attract them to Justin Jackson, who broke out as a shooter and scorer in his junior year at UNC.

college football players who have graduated in four or five years are also able to be drafted.

Cleveland’s talk of not selecting the consensus top prospect in the 2017 NFL draft looks like a smokescreen — especially after the former Aggie started following a handful of Browns on social media. Still, you can never count out the possibility of Cleveland surprising everyone to make a universally-panned move.

Foster’s horrible, terrible, bad, no-good combine started with him failing a drug test and ended prematurely after he got into a shouting match with a hospital worker. Cook has been accused of battery and cited for mistreating puppies. With a greater eye on off-field problems than ever before, they are likely to slide to a draft spot that fails to match their immense talent.

After these grades are released, underclassmen can pull their names out of the draft process and return to school, no problem. But If you’ve signed with an agent before the deadline, your college playing days are over.

Obviously, college football players who have graduated in four or five years are also able to be drafted.

If you have graduated, your draft eligibility is only good for the year after you’ve graduated. If you didn’t go to college, it’s once four seasons have passed since you or your classmates (if you didn’t get a diploma) graduate high school.

Of course, you can also tell the league no, like the first draft pick ever did. Even after all that, McKinley never let his situation deter him from his goal — a promise he’d made to his dying mother that he’d play Division I football and everything that came after.

On Thursday night, his hard work paid off. The Falcons traded up from 31 to add him to their roster with the 26th pick of the draft. His breakout 2016 season, bolstered by a series of solid offseason workouts, has set expectations high for an extraordinary young man.


Who had the best suit of the 2017 NFL draft?

Fashion is important to the NFL draft. Ultimately, the team’s picks matter most, but clothing is like, the second biggest thing.

Here are the best suits of the night. And the worst. Honestly, in my eyes, these are all great.

For one thing, it’s a nice feather in Brady Hoke’s cap. Virtually all of these recruits, including the former five-star Peppers, were the former Michigan coach’s. Hoke was fired two years ago after a disappointing run, and nobody thinks it wasn’t a good idea to do that and replace him with Harbaugh. If you want to dock Hoke for last year’s two-draftee output, feel free, but you should also credit him for this year.

It’s also a good player development show for Harbaugh and his staff. His program hasn’t won the Big Ten yet, or even its East division. But these players were part of mediocre to bad teams under Hoke and two good ones in a row under Harbaugh. It’s not like his staff didn’t have anything to do with this. Even Pete Carroll agrees.

The Buckeyes are 2-0 on the field against Harbaugh, and Urban Meyer has signed slightly higher-rated recruiting classes than UM’s two years in a row.

Last year, when Michigan was getting all of two guys drafted, Ohio State was notching the best college draft class in history with 12 total picks. This year’s Buckeyes count was just seven to Michigan’s 11. The Wolverines might as well put it on the board.

Looking at college numbers before last year’s draft, Goff didn’t stand out from his peers in any major way.

Goff was able to get the ball downfield while taking few sacks. That’s good. The main red flag: shouldn’t the No. 1 pick check more boxes? He’s lanky, his Combine stats and completion rate were okay, he threw a few too many picks, and he offers nothing from a rushing standpoint. Is that a guy you want to trade away your draft for?

Samuel is an elite athlete with explosive traits.

Ross’ 40 at the Combine will be etched in history regardless of how his NFL career plays out, but he should have a long one. His complete-receiver value goes beyond his straight-line speed. His ease of movement is apparent on film, as he’s able to play controlled and adjust at the catch point.

Ross is not just a perimeter or downfield, route-running speed threat; he’s a legitimate short-area and mid-field receiver who can work after the catch with patience and lateral quickness. Ross has showcased a multitude of downfield routes, and some of his best plays in college came off double moves, downfield posts, digs and deep comebacks. His big-play ability, including his return upside immediately as a rookie, makes him a top-20 prospect in the mold of Odell Beckham Jr.

Samuel is an elite athlete with explosive traits. When/if he takes hand-offs, he lacks the bulk or power to mash it up between the tackles, but he can run the outside zone and shows enough toughness to absorb big hits from linebackers. As a receiver in college, he was not asked to run a great variety of routes. But with his burst, quickness and body control, Samuel carries the traits to execute NFL patterns with development.

Samuel can really stick his foot into the ground and explode out of breaks. Slants, angle routes and option routes are his specialty at this stage. Overall, Samuel has game-breaking speed, but he’s raw. He can have an instant impact as an explosive return man, but his success might be dependent on the creativity of his coordinator. He’s the epitome of an offensive weapon with no true every-down position.

We’ve all screamed several times while watching both of these guys play and each yelp deserves a tally

All three of those teams went 2-8 during their first 10 games and made it to the playoffs anyway, despite two of them even finishing April under .500. Toronto, at 1-8, has three more games against the division-rival Orioles this weekend, and if they lose this series (and the next one, a three-game set against the Red Sox), 2017 could very well be a long season no matter how well they play afterward.

Each of those three teams who erased their horrific start had to go to extreme lengths to do so. The Pirates went 20-8 in August, and managed to win their division and earn an NLCS berth despite winning just 88 games on the season: the Blue Jays won a Wild Card spot last year with 89 wins. The Rays almost immediately rebounded with a 14-5 stretch to finish off their April, but it still took the Red Sox having one of the worst months in the history of baseball in September to help the Rays sneak into October — and the only reason even that worked out is because the Red Sox had gone 11-15 in April themselves before crushing the league for four months.

We’ve all screamed several times while watching both of these guys play and each yelp deserves a tally, too. Every time you audibly scream, whether it’s because of a violent dunk or nasty crossover, give that candidate three points.

Few things are more important to Westbrook or Harden than their undeniably, um, unique, fashion. There’s going to be some debate here, but we’ll try to keep things simple. If they wear something normal like a plain suit (which they won’t) award them no points, but if they are on-brand (which they will be) and wear something outrageous, give them four points. Our MVP needs to be stylish. (If the clothes also become a meme they are awarded a total of nine points.)

Kamara is a strong runner with perimeter upside

Jones entered an alcohol-related treatment program and anger management in the offseason after his arrest on charges of harassment with a bodily substance, assault, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct. Jones’ felony charge stemmed from an incident in which police say he spit on the hand of a nurse at the Cincinnati jail. He was also caught on camera cursing at a police officer and telling him, “I hope you die tomorrow.”

Cincinnati prosecutor Joe Deters dropped the felony charge in March and said Jones’ insistence on staying in the anger management program beyond the normal limits factored into his reasoning.

“I know you said you were thankful for the organization. Is there anything you have to show to fans, have to prove to the fans for them to welcome you back since there were a lot of people upset with the way things went down in the offseason for you?” Jones was asked on Monday morning.

“Didn’t I just tell you don’t ask me that?” Jones said. “Turn around. Go back that way. Bye. See you. Next question.”

New England traded back when it came to its original first-, second-, third-, and fourth- round picks in 2011. Jettisoning those four selections netted six in return, and the Patriots ended up with starters Stevan Ridley, Shave Vereen, Marcus Cannon, and one year later, Chandler Jones for their efforts. That’s pretty good!

After the consensus top three running backs, Kamara is often considered the next man up. While he’s a powerful interior runner with apparent readiness in his second-level reads and third-down value, a jack of all trades in the NFL sometimes means a master of none.

Kamara is a strong runner with perimeter upside, but he relies on a talented offensive line for support. There are more talented and versatile running backs in this class.

Lonzo Ball completely transformed UCLA from a team with a losing record to a national title contender

Same color scheme to stay consistent. You can see very well that if the guard (red) makes his block, Richardson will have a decent shot at a good gain here by cutting right inside of him. If ifs were fifths…

In his latest mock draft, SB Nation’s Ricky O’Donnell has 10 freshmen being selected before a college veteran (North Carolina’s Justin Jackson) finally hears his name called. That’s not a knock on college basketball’s current upperclassmen. It’s simply a testament to just how impressive the crop of freshmen were in their only season at the college level.

Lonzo Ball completely transformed UCLA from a team with a losing record to a national title contender, and as a result he’s a finalist for every national Player of the Year award. Josh Jackson’s ridiculous skill set was on full display all year, as he helped Kansas to a No. 1 seed and a Midwest Regional final appearance.

Kentucky’s big three freshmen — De’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, and Bam Adebayo — were the powerhouse’s top three players. And even though they began the year injured, Duke’s No. 1 recruiting class eventually got healthy and helped the Blue Devils to an ACC tournament title and a No. 2 seed in the Big Dance.

Here’s the other thing about college basketball’s most prominent one-and-dones this season: You’re not going to see any of them at the Final Four.

2017 NFL Rookie of the Year: Tavon Austin, Larry Warford impress in Week 10

Remember, Tavon Austin? It’s ok if you don’t. The former West Virginia wide receiver, who became the darling of the pre-draft process leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft, disappeared to start his rookie season with the St. Louis Rams, not able to pile up more than 47 receiving yards in a single game in St. Louis’ first nine games.

In Week 10, Austin reminded the NFL why scouts were drooling over his quickness and speed, catching only two passes but turning them into 138 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He also returned a punt 98 yards for a score.

Kerr will get some votes because the Warriors will have the best record in the league and the coach with the best record always seems to get votes. But Kerr won last year with a record-breaking 73-9 season, and his team added Kevin Durant. There’s some resentment toward the Warriors in general and there will be some penalty for finishing with a worse record, no matter how ridiculous that sounds. (There also has never been a back-to-back Coach of the Year.)

Lue’s Cavaliers, meanwhile, are currently in a dogfight for the No. 1 seed in the East despite having the most talented roster and the best player in the world. Coaches often take the most credit and blame for their teams’ defensive performances. Cleveland’s weakness on that end kills Lue’s case.nike_colts_1305