Anthony saw his points-per-game average go down marginally

“NBA 2K17” projects a Cavs team with Carmelo Anthony to finish the regular season 55-27 (25-13 from this point on). The Cavs in their current form with Love are seen as a 54-28 team (24-14 from this point on).

Statistically, Anthony saw his points-per-game average go down marginally, but his rebounds and assists rose over his New York days. Compared with Love, the Cavs gained about three points and two assists with Melo, but in doing so lost five rebounds.

The one-game regular season difference was inconsequential in playoff seeding. Cleveland was the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference in all but one simulation (where Toronto managed to finish above them). They ended up having home court throughout, however, when the Raptors were bounced in the second round of that particular sim. The Golden State Warriors always finished as the team with the best record overall.

The Cowboys cut Whitehead after learning that he had reportedly missed a court date July 6.

However, Rich told ESPN Monday the 25-year-old player had been on a flight from Dallas to Washington, D.C., that landed about 10 hours after the alleged incident took place.

Whitehead himself had told Cowboys coach Jason Garrett Monday he had nothing to do with the incident.

Rapoport told Inside Training Camp Live Monday that while the Cowboys had a right to cut Whitehead, he likely has legal recourse with the police.

“There are a lot of questions, including how did police identify him as the person on the scene when he was in a different state? … A lot of questions here, but from my understanding, I would think the Cowboys can cut him whenever they want,” Rapoport said. “But he certainly would have an issue with the police if what the agent is telling me is true — if the police did (make an) error in claiming that Whitehead was arrested.”

Whitehead, a third-year player out of Florida Atlantic, was battling for a roster spot in a crowded Cowboys receiving corps. He had a combined nine catches for 64 yards in his first two seasons.rangers_567-115x115

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