Ref denies crew’s admitting to missed facemask call on Seahawks’ Paul Richardson

Referee Brad Allen disputes that he or anyone on his crew admitted they missed a facemask penalty on Seahawks receiver Paul Richardson during his spectacular touchdown catch in Saturday nights wild-card game in Seattle.

NBCs Michele Tafoya reported during the broadcast that Detroit coach Jim Caldwell said a member of the officiating crew told him they got it wrongby not throwing a flag on Richardson for grabbing safety Tavon Wilsons facemask as he made the catch. Wilson drew a flag for defensive pass interference on the play.

You look out there, theres two uprights youre looking at, Gano said, via the Charlotte Observer. I know the league talked to them about it before when we played here a couple years ago. So its a bit bush-league.

But once again, its not a reason why I performed poorly. It just adds another element.

Although the NFL wouldn’t officially comment on the incident, there is a league policy regarding video during kicks.

Use of video boards to distract the visiting team’s kicker during field goal attempts or extra point attempts is prohibited. Distracting video includes, but is not limited to, extreme close-ups of the face of the visiting team’s kicker and fast zooming in and out.
In cases like this, the league will check the video feed of the team to determine if a violation occurred. If they determine a team violated the policy, they will contact the club and issue a warning. If there have been previous warnings, which Gano claims there have been, the league will fine the team.rams_089

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