Who had the best suit of the 2017 NFL draft?

Fashion is important to the NFL draft. Ultimately, the team’s picks matter most, but clothing is like, the second biggest thing.

Here are the best suits of the night. And the worst. Honestly, in my eyes, these are all great.

For one thing, it’s a nice feather in Brady Hoke’s cap. Virtually all of these recruits, including the former five-star Peppers, were the former Michigan coach’s. Hoke was fired two years ago after a disappointing run, and nobody thinks it wasn’t a good idea to do that and replace him with Harbaugh. If you want to dock Hoke for last year’s two-draftee output, feel free, but you should also credit him for this year.

It’s also a good player development show for Harbaugh and his staff. His program hasn’t won the Big Ten yet, or even its East division. But these players were part of mediocre to bad teams under Hoke and two good ones in a row under Harbaugh. It’s not like his staff didn’t have anything to do with this. Even Pete Carroll agrees.

The Buckeyes are 2-0 on the field against Harbaugh, and Urban Meyer has signed slightly higher-rated recruiting classes than UM’s two years in a row.

Last year, when Michigan was getting all of two guys drafted, Ohio State was notching the best college draft class in history with 12 total picks. This year’s Buckeyes count was just seven to Michigan’s 11. The Wolverines might as well put it on the board.

Looking at college numbers before last year’s draft, Goff didn’t stand out from his peers in any major way.

Goff was able to get the ball downfield while taking few sacks. That’s good. The main red flag: shouldn’t the No. 1 pick check more boxes? He’s lanky, his Combine stats and completion rate were okay, he threw a few too many picks, and he offers nothing from a rushing standpoint. Is that a guy you want to trade away your draft for?

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